Of Course I design T-Shirts

Of Course I design T-Shirts

First thing people want to know is how much will it cost for a custom T-shirt design. Can you believe there are artists and designers who actually want you to pay them for this service - the nerve!  Well, since I love whipping up t-shirt designs, I do it for free. I just ask that you send me a donation of about $50 per hour for the finished artwork. That's all! It usually takes five to ten hours to create a design that fits your creative direction. This can take about a week.

The next thing folks want to know is what the process is like, so here's the outline:

  • First, contact me on the "Contact" page on this very website.
  • Next, I'll get back with you so we can have a phone call.
  • On the call, you tell me what you want.
  • You pay me a deposit.
  • I make it, send you the art, and you say; "great thanks", or "can you change this/that/or the other?". 
  • I make any requested changes & show them to you.
  • You pay me the remaining cost, & I send you the complete artwork.
  • You can take the art and have it printed up, or I can help with that too.

T-Shirt Design Process

It's just that simple. So if you're in need of an awesome design, don't hesitate, contact me now so we can get started! Things always take longer than you think. Here are a couple of examples with color designs. 

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