Gift Idea for real music lovers

Gift Idea for real music lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for your Tool fan? You want to gift a true music lover, or audiophile, but they have all the records?  If you have someone special in your life, and are looking for a one of a kind gift, then check out these three prints as a set. The images were inspired by two songs; "The Grudge", and "Swamp Song". These are very much a tribute to the masterful works of the band Tool, but anyone who truely loves music and art can appreciate these three artworks - in the size of your choice!

"Transmute These Leaden Grudges Into Gold" - Framed Print

Green Version (Framed) - "This Bog is Thick and Easy to Get Lost In" - Print

Framed Print -"Transmute This Cold and Fated Anchor"

Three Framed Prints as a Set

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