Dahlia's Pier - A commissioned artwork

Dahlia's Pier - A commissioned artwork

This piece was finished in 2022. It takes awhile to document work. This one has two videos that showcase the creation of the art. It took three months of daily work to complete this detailed drawing. Both videos are featured here.

A big thanks to the patron who commissioned the work with these simple words; "I like sharks and octopus, do your thing". It was the best creative direction I've ever gotten. I was free to really have some fun. As it turns out, he got a lot more than what he paid for because of the minimal instructions. He was really thrilled with the piece. We even went to the frame shop together to have it framed correctly. He made a good decision there too.

So the first video is a sort of explanation as to how this journey began, but the second video is more of a talk about what direction I'm taking the art in this year. If you think you might be interested in visiting a gallery to see my work in person, then take a look at the second video. Click here if you're interested in a framed print of the art. And Click here if you'd like to see the Tool variant.

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